Trademarks & Patents

We assist with all aspects of trademark, patent, and intellectual property protection, including registration, prosecution, portfolio management, and licensing. Our litigation attorneys have significant experience successfully prosecuting trademark infringement and cybersquatting lawsuits, matters before the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and obtaining rapid injunctive relief to shut down infringers.

For enterprise clients, we offer a broad range of IP portfolio management services, including trademark and patent registration, national trademark and patent enforcement, and qualified letter opinions to assist with evaluating the strength and risks of marks for investors and public security filings.

For small and startup businesses needing trademark assistance, we offer cost-effective trademark “knockout” search and registration packages for a flat fee.

For our patent clients, we offer a full range of patent registration services, including provisional patents, utility applications, and design applications.

Areas of Concentration

  • Trademark registration
  • Patent registration
  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark, patent and copyright infringement
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Intellectual property asset management
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  • DIY
  • Cheap Online Options
  • Davis Law Startup
  • Davis Law Growth Stage
  • Davis Law Established Enterprise
DIYCheap Online OptionsDavis Law StartupDavis Law Growth StageDavis Law Established Enterprise
Basic Filing
Basic "Knockout" Search
Summary of Results
U.S. Attorney Reviewed Application Filing
Reminder of Renewal Deadlines
Free Non-substantive USPTO responses
Trademark education
30 Min Attorney Consult
1 Hour Attorney Trademark and Business Consult
Comprehensive 3rd Party TM Search
Attorney Qualified Opinion Letter
Enterprise IP Portfolio Management
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* All options require additional USPTO filing fees.

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