February 16, 2020

Our “Bold Efficient” Approach

By: Christopher Davis
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Business attorneys and litigators should help their clients find solutions, not obstacles.  All too often I hear lawyers doing a “CYA” explanation of the “parade of horribles” and focusing on all the reasons things are going to break.  Don’t get me wrong; a good attorney should advise their clients of all potential risks.  But successful business owners don’t dwell on the potential for failure.  Instead, they focus on finding a plan that increases their odds of success.

J. P. Morgan once said, “I do not pay my lawyers to tell me what I cannot do, but to tell me how to do what I want to do.”

At Davis Law, PLC, we are always focused on bottom-line results.  We listen first, and then we get to work on a plan to accomplish our client’s goals.  

We evaluate business and litigation strategy using something I call “bold efficiency.”  That is, we try to balance an aggressive approach (depending on the client’s risk tolerance) with maneuvers that are cost-effective in the long run.  This approach is fairly novel in the legal industry.  Big firms tend to rely on their size and reputation to intimidate opponents and assume money is no object, while small firms often try to compete on price but don’t necessarily have the skills or resources to obtain big results.  

Our mission is to bridge that gap by bringing business attorneys and litigation lawyers with a proven track-record and experience to the table who are bottom-line focused.   If you are a business owner looking to build a long-term relationship with a “bold efficient” law firm in Virginia, give us a call.

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