July 3, 2020

1404 Blog: District Court Transfers Pension Fund’s Lawsuit from Maryland to Pennsylvania

By: Christopher Davis
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A trade industry pension fund sued two glass and metal companies in the District of Maryland, alleging that the companies failed to make contributions to the fund that were required by their collective bargaining agreements. The companies were incorporated in Pennsylvania. The complaint alleged that the companies operated “a single integrated business enterprise.”

Similar claims had been litigated in two earlier lawsuits filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In one lawsuit, the companies sued several union entities, including the pension fund, but later agreed to dismiss the pension fund from the suit. In the other lawsuit, several union entities (but not the pension fund) sued the two companies, alleging that the companies failed to make payments required by the collective bargaining agreements.

The two Pennsylvania cases were consolidated. They eventually settled. The union entities that had not been dismissed agreed to release their claims against the companies as a condition of the settlement agreement.

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